Should my child take up Wing Chun?

Whether you want to improve your child’s concentration so they do better at school or want your child to learn from our anti-bullying program and gain the skills needed to keep themselves safe, The WingTjun Martial Arts School’s internationally successful Life Skills and Character building programme can help.

 The programme will help them make new friends and expand their social and interactive skills. We also make sure they have plenty of fun too.

 The school offers a structured syllabus that is designed around the development and progression of the individual. We offer a light-hearted and fun way to handle what could be potentially dangerous scenarios.

 Whether it is strangers (adults) or playground bullies, exercises in the class help your child develop the ability and strategy to respond correctly. With the use of gestures, voice and facial expressions, your child will learn how to assert themselves without resorting to violence.

 These techniques will lead to a more self-confident child. And, armed with the fighting techniques learnt from The WingTjun Martial Arts School, you'll have a child that will be strong enough to stand up for what they believe in and become a strong member of their school, peer group and later on their society.


WingTjun also has extensive reaction and sensitivity training in which you develop automatic fighting reflexes responding to the impulse of your opponent, named Chi Sao (sticking arms).

Kids' Kung Fu Classes

Most of Omni Martial Arts’ parent base has seen their child’s performance and behaviour improve at school after such short time training with us.

Our classes are designed so your child will learn the techniques needed to keep themselves safe from the ever-increasing problem of bullying, they will also benefit from our highly successful Life Skills program.

 The skills they will develop are Confidence, Modesty, Courtesy, Self Control, Self Discipline, Commitment and Mental Focus.

 When a child is at school, they generally only train in team sports and lack the growth of individual efforts. This is where Omni Martial Arts specialises; making sure your child enjoys themselves in a environment while learning practical self-defence and gaining the life skills they need to deal with the modern world.

 Omni Martial Arts’ qualified instructors are dedicated to your child’s growth and development.

An Active Child = A Smart Child

Scientists have proved that physically active children have a more alert and active brain. Unfortunately, many of today’s children opt for a less active lifestyle and aren’t getting enough exercise. This has led to a massive growth in childhood obesity.

The Omni Martial Arts is here to help. Our training and teaching methods offer an increase in fitness, balance, agility, flexibility and self-awareness.

 Here at Omni Martial Arts have created Kids WingTsun with the aid of educators, medical experts and police officers with one clear goal in mind: healthy, safe and confident children.

Strong words create strong children

Each class, we look at positive and character-building words, such as concentration, focus, self-discipline and respect.

Children are encouraged to describe how these words are applied at home, school and at Omni Martial Arts classes.

Also we get the children to recite a Student Creed at the beginning of the class and Masters Oath at the end of the class.

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