Protect yourself

Protect yourself from the mental and physical hazards of life with Omni Martial Arts. Learning a martial art not only gives you ways of dealing with physical confrontation in a pub, bar or on the street, but also the mental alertness to deal with many of life's challenges.

Whether at work or at play, learning Wing Chun kung fu at Omni Martial Arts can help you take control of confrontations either physical or verbal calmly and effectively - often without the need for violence.

Not only that, learning with Omni Martial Arts is a friendly, non-aggressive experience that will make you physically fitter in an atmosphere that is relaxed and welcoming.

You probably spend hundreds of pounds on car and household insurance, so why not take out some cutting-edge insurance on your personal safety by learning Wing Chun kung fu with Omni Martial Arts.

With its origins in China, Wing Chun Kung Fu requires very little physical strength. And our teaching methods ensure that everyone can learn Wing Chun regardless of physique.

Omni Martial Arts has been part of the European WingTsun Organisation, which teaches thousands of students across Europe. Its founding father, Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht has adapted the already-excellent traditional Wing Chun to fit modern European life, studying how fights start and how they can be diffused quickly and easily.  Having reached the end of the teachings a new direction was sought out by the head of Omni Martial Arts, SiFu Kul.  And a chance meeting with SiFu Sergio; the head of IWKA in August 2016 would see an invitation to join the and start the IWKA UK.  Introducing the Internal side of WingTjun training, which has yet to explored here in UK.

These concepts combined with the physical and mental exercise the classes offer makes Wing Chun stand out as a modern and unique martial art.

So why not begin you martial arts journey with us today and discover why the only way is Essex Wing Chun.

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Motion creates emotion

Stressed, work getting to you? Feel overburdened? Perhaps you turn to alcohol, smoking or over-eating - all of which are bad for your health and can lead to a self-destructive lifestyle and depression.

Learning Wing Chun with Omni Martial Arts offers a way to create positive emotion through exercise that requires concentration and interaction with your training partners and instructors in a friendly relaxed environment.

Energy flows where emotion goes

Once you begin to feel positive, you will find your energy levels rise, helping you deal with stressful situations in a positive and proactive way.

Learning WingTsun with Omni Martial Arts in Essex can be an effective way of de-stressing and can help you build confidence to not only walk down the street with your head held high, but also help you carry yourself at work so you can get noticed.

In fact, many blue-chip companies now use martial arts training to help employees deal with stress and pressured situations.

So why not get in touch today and become part of the Omni Martial Arts family and begin your martial arts journey. You will find it changes aspects of your life you wouldn't think possible.

Size doesn't matter

The system uses body mechanics rather than brute strength and offers its exponents a dynamic and effective way of fighting.

For a long time martial arts classes carried the stigma of burly men marching up and down a dingy hall shouting, huffing and puffing. At Omni Martial Arts-Essex we promote very different view of teaching martial arts.

The practice of WingTjun offers more than just a way of defending against physical encounters, but offers a way to create positive emotion and release stress through exercise that requires concentration and interaction with your training partners and instructors in a friendly relaxed environment.

Omni Martial Arts classes are ego-free and friendly, which helps female students to feel relaxed in class. We also promote a safe family type class environment and you do not need to worry about being hurt. Let WingTsun empower you and make you feel more in control of the world around you.

So why not learn an effective easy-to-learn martial art with no fancy moves or unnecessary movement and release stress in positive way.

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Why is Wing Chun right for women?




Kung Fu and martial arts training isn't reserved exclusively for men.

Learning a martial art as a woman increases strength, awareness and allows you to deal with the increasing threat of harassment by men. Increasingly, women find themselves in situations that can put their lives in danger and martial arts training with Omni Martial Art -Essex allows you to take these threats head on.

Learning a martial art and proper self-defence techniques takes time and dedication. Repetitive training is needed to build up strength and technique. But it is not just about physical prowess. Martial arts training give's you mental as well as physical strength to deal with anything life throw's at you.

There are many examples of actresses that use martial arts to keep fit, from Angelina Jolie to famous martial arts actresses such as Michelle Yeoh. And the London Olympics casts a shining light on fighting women - with gold medals in Taekwondo and boxing for women, as well as silver for Gemma Gibbons in Judo.

Here are some of the benefits of WingTjun Kung Fu benefit women:
Keep fit with kicking and punching




The practice of martial arts is a good way of getting your heart rate up and burning fat. Punching and kicking can help develop and strengthen muscle groups and improve core body strength. And, unlike the gym, Omni Martial Arts -Essex offers constant teaching assistance and encouragement as well social interaction with the rest of the class.  

Attack is the best form of defence

Bullies target the weak and women are often seen as easy prey to muggers or rapists.  Martial arts can help keep these predators at bay.

WingTjun does not rely on physical strength to overcome opponents and instead uses flexibility and body mechanics; and later through cultivation a more internal approach. And these techniques can be learnt quickly and use short, concise, rapid movements to overcome opponents.

Stress buster

Modern life is stressful and juggling a work/life balance can be needlessly stressful, can increase blood pressure and damage your health.  WingTjun is an excellent stress-buster allowing to release pent up frustration by hitting the pads.

We hope you'll take the time in visiting one our classes. You will not be disappointed taking the steps to a better you!

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