Why Wing Chun?

Regardless of fitness levels or previous martial arts experience, Wing Chun kung fu will help improve your health, lose weight, develop self-confidence and learn how to protect yourself.

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Kung Fu Kids!

Our kids classes teach your child the techniques needed to keep themselves safe in life, as well as focusing on confidence, modesty, courtesy, self control, discipline, commitment and focus.

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Kung Fu for everyone!

Wing Chun offers more than just a way of defending yourself, it also offers a way to release stress through exercise that requires concentration and interaction with your training partners.

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The only way is Essex Wing Chun!

Welcome to Omni Martial Arts: Essex's premier martial arts school. Omni Martial Arts offers a warm and friendly place to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun is a unique martial art that doesn't rely on physical strength, but instead uses body mechanics to create a dynamic and adaptable system of combat. From children to adults, Omni Martial Arts caters for all ages and fitness levels. Keep fit, improve self-confidence and learn how to defend yourself in a relaxed, welcoming school.

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What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is one of the most scientific and logical expressions of martial arts. An air of finesse and geometric movements are the physical translation and expression of WingTsun. WingTsun directs 100 per cent of the force of the attack into an opponent, but this doesn't mean that it requires the practitioner to be physically strong.

WingTsun is logical: It uses all physical and geometric possibilities of the body to deflect and redirect the impinging force of an attack, so it is possible for physically weaker people to defend themselves effectively against a stronger attacker.

Wing Chun teaches students to behave according to set basic principles. This means that when they are attacked they do not need to make a decision about which technique to apply. This allows the WingTsun student to act intuitively if attacked, which means they react much quicker.

Wing Chun training: improves physical fitness and mobility. The forms (traditional fixed movements) – in health terms – specially strengthen joints and improve flexibility. Impact training strengthens muscles and improves toning. Modern muscle lengthening exercises also promote joint flexibility.

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Whatever your motivation for taking up Martial Arts, we will endeavour to provide the best quality instruction and enable you to reach your goals.

All you have to do is drop us a line via our contacts page, call 07977 132111 or email us at info@omni-martialarts.co.uk and we'll book in at our next available session.

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Let Omni Martial Arts be your first and only choice for Martial Arts in

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